30 sick with Salmonella but Oregon diner now a really safe place to eat; what about next week?

KMTR reports that Douglas County Public Health department officials say cross contamination is likely what caused 30 people to contract salmonella after eating at the Los Dos Amigos restaurant on Jackson Street in Downtown Roseburg on certain days in April.

Gerry Meyer, Environmental Health Program Manager for Douglas County Public Health, said,

“Right now this particular restaurant is probably one of the safest places in town to eat everyone has a heightened awareness. This particular operator has been very cooperative and is trying to work very hard to make sure that it wasn’t something that they did.”

Maybe. Maybe Roseburg, Oregon has really crappy expectations of its restaurants. And the hard part isn’t to get the attention of food service types when there’s an outbreak going on – it’s in the absence of an outbreak. How to get people to pay attention when no one is barfing?