Crazy things to do with cheese

Amy likes to watch the Amazing Race, which is horrible for many reasons.

On one of the races, they did this cheese-carrying-down-a-hill thing, which seems like running with the bulls, but with cheddar.

They’ve been doing a similar thing in Gloucester, U.K. for the past 200 years in which competitors chase a 7lb wheel of Double Gloucester down a 200-yard incline (see video below). Fans held an unofficial contest and hundreds ignored warnings to attend this year’s event.

Police said there would be no dedicated medical help for casualties and the unofficial contest could jeopardize the chance of an event being held next year under a different format. The contest still attracted about 300 people from as far afield as Holland. (Holland’s really not that far away).

The next day, a ‘cheese wedding cake’ expert was hoping to smash the world record for the largest cheese sculpture with her half-ton cheddar crown.

Cordon Bleu trained chef Tanys Pullin, 46, spent 90 hours crafting it out of a 1,322lb block of Farmhouse Cheddar. She carved the sculpture in the shape of a crown to mark the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation on June 2.

To achieve the Guinness World Record the crown sculpture needed to weigh in excess of 290 kg (101lbs). Tanys’s effort is just awaiting the validation from Guinness adjudicators.

Rules state that the sculpture must be made from a single piece of cheese and is not allowed to be supported by an internal structure.

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