Another celebretard chef: Antony Worrall Thompson’s pub scores 1-out-of-5 stars after inspection

The TV chef who Gordon Ramsey once called a Teletubby, Antony Worrall Thompson, blames bureaucrats for the one-star-out-of-five for hygiene at his Oxfordshire gastro pub.

Worrall Thompson said failing to fill out "bits of paper" led to the low score at The Greyhound, in Henley-on-Thames.

Worrall Thompson admitted food had been found beneath his fridge and oven during the inspection, but that people would need to be on their "hands and knees with a torch" to find it, adding,

"All [the public] want to know is if they’re going to be poisoned. The public don’t care if the paperwork isn’t done. It’s treating everyone as if they haven’t got a brain. It’s got absurd, the amount of paperwork you have to do. There’s this inbuilt hatred between Environmental Health Officers and chefs. We should be working together."

Council cabinet member for health, Dorothy Brown, said,

"Mr Worrall Thompson is mistaken that our Scores on the Doors scheme is overly bureaucratic and driven by paperwork, when it is in fact driven by the need to improve food hygiene standards.”

Worrall Thompson has shown up in before. He was a signatory to a open letter calling on the British public to ask where their food comes from (from under the fridge?), he published a recipe in Healthy & Organic Living that included a toxic plant as an ingredient, and has run afoul of public health types for using paving stones as a kitchen counter at a public BBQ.