Horse tranquillizer ketamine found in aloe vera drink

Hanging out with veterinarians and vet students over the past 30 years, I’ve heard enough stories about the horse tranquillizer, ketamine, and human recreational use.

Not the best thing to get addicted too, as far as addictions go, but is apparently popular at raves.

Two women in Leicester, U.K. required hospital treatment after drinking an aloe vera-based health drink that was apparently spiked with ketamine.

Forensic tests are still being conducted and the final analysis will not be known for some time.

Leicestershire Health Protection Agency said there was only one outlet in Leicester which had bottles of the product and that stock had been seized.

Health Protection Agency spokesman Philip Monk said,

"We have bottles with that label [Gayatri] on which we know contain ketamine and the police will be working out how the ketamine got into them and indeed whether they came from the manufacturer – they may be completely fake products."