Kansas State quarterback vomits his way to victory against UCLA

There’s something decadent about watching a Kansas State football game 50 yards from the sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island, Florida, on a Saturday afternoon while dining on grilled grouper fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, asparagus, summer squash and sweet potatoes.

Then Coffman started barfing.

Carson Coffman (right, during Saturday’s game, pretty much as shown), K-State’s starting quarterback (for now) was seen hurling on the sidelines and had to leave the game in the third quarter to get rehydrated with an IV-drip. According to media reports KSU’s QB barfed about 10 times during the game.

It wasn’t my cooking. No word on whose cooking it was, or whether the yakking was food-related at all. And who cares. K-State beat UCLA 31-22. And we just finished a delightful lunch of grilled Gulf shrimp accompanied by grilled peaches, pineapple and strawberries.