North Texas QB misses snap while teammate barfs

Throwing up is common in football. Stakes are high and nerves are wired. Plus, there’s the whole act of physically exerting yourself, sometimes in extreme weather conditions.

But North Texas running back Jeffrey Wilson took the act of unloading to a new level by getting sick not once, but twice on consecutive plays during the first half of the Heart of Dallas Bowl against Army. In fact, Wilson’s first puke distracted quarterback Alec Morris so much he missed the snap.

The absolute nonchalant attitude of Wilson as he projectile vomits everywhere is impressive. Here’s hoping no one landed in it.

Army won the game 38-31 in overtime.

15 sick: Wisconsin football team stricken with Cryptosporidium

Milton School District says they now have three confirmed cases of Cryptosporidium at the Milton High School.

north.dallas.fortyMilton football coach Bill O’Leary told 27 News Tuesday he has “lots” of sick kids on his team. Health officials are trying to get samples from those who are ill to either confirm or deny they have Cryptosporidium.

According to WKOW-TV, two community meals among the football players have led to the outbreak.

The health department and school are taking precautionary measures and the high school will be closed for 24 hours for disinfection.

Who has UK football’s dirtiest pies?

The half-time pie is one of football’s time-honoured traditions but some stadium kitchens preparing fans’ food have been criticised by inspectors for dirty conditions and pest problems – Mirror Online can reveal. investigation has examined food hygiene reports of all 92 Premier League and Football League clubs to reveal which pie stands fans may want to avoid.

The majority of grounds passed with flying colours but others clubs were warned over the state of the kitchens at kiosks at their stadiums.

One club was even warned over the potential safety of the food it was allegedly serving to players on away trips.

The reports were obtained through Freedom of Information requests made to councils a week before the start of the new season – although some ratings have changed since then.

Florida running back poops his pants during Birmingham Bowl, has to change into new pair

It happens.

Florida running back Adam Lane, Jr. had a less-than-memorable moment in the Birmingham Bowl when he appeared to poop his pants and was forced to change into a fresh pair.

B6dgcNmCYAAlyRmThe on-field accident took place during a drive in the first half against Eastern Carolina. Many viewers noted that during the drive, Lane appeared to have a dark spot on the back of his pants, and after the running back found his way into the endzone for a two-yard score, the situation became apparent.

Adam Lane, Jr. trotted back to the sidelines, and in full view of cameras, it was clearly evident that the Florida running back had pooped his pants.

Saturday barf: Tiger, football, airplane

It is called barfblog.

First up, Tiger Woods doing his best Ben Chapman impersonation on the first tee at his charity tournament — the Hero World Challenge — and he still made birdie.

Next, Arizona center Carter Wood vomits just before snapping ball during a barf-inducing loss to Oregon.

Finally, a US Airways plane was forced to land when 16 people aboard it started vomiting and suffering from red eyes.

The entire crew of 14 and two passengers were taken ill on the plane which made an emergency landing in Rome on Friday.

The stench of vomit could be smelt from the cabin, alerting those on board to the problem.

US pro football player barfs on field before play

I loved playing linebacker in high-school football.

After all those years of kids shooting pucks at my head covered only with a lousy plastic face mass as a goalie in hockey, it was somehow, equitable.

Lawrence Timmons.vomitI never barfed during a football game (but did before hockey games).

I was watching the Pittsburg Steelers-Houston Texans football game Tuesday morning (Monday night football across the pond) in the background as Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons starting barfing before a play in the second quarter.

Down 13-0, Timmons lined up in his usual spot at inside linebacker when he began to vomit before the snap.

As Timmons jogged off the field he continued to vomit, grossing out the Monday night audience.

Some fans even posted a Vine of Timmons getting sick, just in case you missed the chance to be grossed out.

As for Steeler fans, things got better as they erased a 13-0 deficit and won 30-23.

Over 100 sick; Wisconsin school district deals with aftermath of Campylobacter

After a severe illness sends dozens of students home sick, attendance is back to normal at Durand schools.

football.vomitMore than 100 total students in the district were reported absent last wee, with Durand’s football team being hardest hit by the illness.

There are 19 confirmed cases of campylobacter; all are members of the football team.

75 sick; norovirus suspected after footballers fall ill in Minn

The Minnesota Health Department is investigating a foodborne illness that sickened at least 75 people who ate at a banquet for Totino Grace football players Sunday in Brooklyn Park.

The banquet was attended by 273 people at the Edinburgh USA Golf Course clubhouse restaurant. Jeff Ferguson, football coach at the private Roman Catholic school in Fridley, football.vomitsaid at least 41 adults and 34 students fell ill. “I think it was food poisoning. They got sick over a period of two days,” he said.

State health officials suspect that the illnesses were caused by norovirus because of the victims’ symptoms, which included vomiting and diarrhea, Health Department spokesman Doug Schultz said Thursday.

Food porn shot of the day: butternut squash and apple soup

After a quick trip to Clearwater Beach and the International Citrus and Beverage Conference we’re back in Raleigh for the beginning of fall. It’s getting cooler (just 74F) and I was craving some soup. photo

Our windows are open, football is on in the background, the kids are playing outside and I’ve got the start of butternut squash and apple soup simmering on the stove.


Teens drug parents to use Internet

Unlimited Internet. It’s what I miss most about the U.S.

But we’re good in Anna Maria Island as everyone is running their computers, iPads and cell phones while preparing for Kansas State’s powell.girls.jan.13appearance in the chip bowl.

I also know better than to try and limit access. Boundaries, yes. Curfews? Not so much.

USA Today reports police say two California teenagers used prescription sleeping medication to drug the milkshakes of their parents so they could use the Internet.

The Sacramento Bee reports the girls offered to pick up milkshakes at a fast-food restaurant for the parents of one of the girls Friday.

The drug was mixed into the shakes, and the couple fell asleep. The suspicious parents picked up a drug test kit the following day.

The girls told investigators they wanted to use the Internet, which the parents shut down daily at 10 p.m.

It’s unclear what the girls did online.