Raw egg facials may be a bad idea

bites-l newsie Gonzalo Erdozain writes his wife recently applied a raw egg facial mask.

He’s worried about salmonella, she wants to tighten her pores.

According to a quick web search, egg white apparently draws the oils out, while the egg yolk moisturizes. Another says raw eggs are an excellent enhancement for a person’s hair care regimen. Among the recommendations:

“To use raw eggs as part of your facial care regimen, crack two eggs into a bowl. Mix the whites of the eggs and the yolks of the eggs together. Apply the raw egg mixture to your face. When you use raw eggs as part of your facial regimen, you don’t have to worry with avoiding the eyes. Massage the egg mixture into the face. Let it set for five to ten minutes. Rinse away with a soft washcloth and warm water. … Look for the best natural skin care in your grocer’s dairy section.”

This is a bad idea. Eggs are for cooking and eating, not facials.