Harry Styles is reportedly using bird poop to treat his acne

Anyone who takes nutrition, vaccination, and acne advice from a celebrity is as idiotic as those giving the advice.

Harry Styles, the 20-year-old One Direction front man is prone to pimples.

bird.poop.acneAccording to the MailOnline, Harry has turned to bird excrement in a desperate attempt to clear up his acne before the band’s world tour.

So far so good. Hank has apparently been break- out free since he started the feces facials.

It’s called the “Geisha facial,” because back in the day, Japanese Geishas used the waste to remove the thick white make-up they were expected to wear.

And now A-listers like Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham are reportedly dropping over $200 a pop to have bird droppings smeared on to their faces.

Harry fears his acne prone skin will not be able to brave the heavy make-up and hot lights used on tour.

Tom Cruise, 51, has been a devotee for two years and 40 year-old Victoria Beckham began having the facials after a visit to Japan.

You may see an acne cure or a cute bird, I see a Salmonella factory.

The cured meat facial

At one restaurant in Italy, pork and relaxation are one and the same—and you can even experience a mortadella facial.

The Atlantic reports the treatment consisted of deep breathing, eating, and drinking. Participants were served a plate of choice salumi—sliced prosciutto, culatello, salami, and Tuscan head cheese from Simone Fracassi. Then we were given large cloth napkins, to be placed over one’s head and the plate, deeply inhaling the porky perfumes, stimulating salivary glands and appetite. Remove napkin, taste salumi, and drink sparkling wine—Champagne, Italian sparklers, or Lambrusco. Then head for dinner. I felt renewed.

Main image: La Madia Travelfood/Gourmadia S.r.l.

Raw egg facials may be a bad idea

bites-l newsie Gonzalo Erdozain writes his wife recently applied a raw egg facial mask.

He’s worried about salmonella, she wants to tighten her pores.

According to a quick web search, egg white apparently draws the oils out, while the egg yolk moisturizes. Another says raw eggs are an excellent enhancement for a person’s hair care regimen. Among the recommendations:

“To use raw eggs as part of your facial care regimen, crack two eggs into a bowl. Mix the whites of the eggs and the yolks of the eggs together. Apply the raw egg mixture to your face. When you use raw eggs as part of your facial regimen, you don’t have to worry with avoiding the eyes. Massage the egg mixture into the face. Let it set for five to ten minutes. Rinse away with a soft washcloth and warm water. … Look for the best natural skin care in your grocer’s dairy section.”

This is a bad idea. Eggs are for cooking and eating, not facials.

I’m in love with your facial symmetry, but it’s the alcohol talking, not me: beer goggles explained

The Urban Dictionary defines beer goggles as the “phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful.”

A recent study in the journal Alcohol has found a reason why some of us might find people we normally would consider ugly to be handsome: we stop noticing facial symmetry.

In a new study, scientists went to bars near their university in England and asked students to participate in a small experiment. The students were given a breathalyzer test to determine whether or not they were drunk and then asked to determine which photo in a pair, repeated for 20 pairs, was the more attractive and which was the more symmetrical.

Students who were sober found symmetrical faces more attractive and were able to determine more readily which were the more symmetrical faces. But the drunk students lost both their preference for symmetry and their ability to detect it. Women more readily lost this ability than did men.