Variation on mouse in a beer: rodent found in can of rum

An Australian woman got a nasty surprise when she cracked open a can of rum and cola to honor her grandfather – a dead mouse.

The Northern Star newspaper has reported that Casino mother-of-four Linda Foster drank the can of Bundaberg rum only to find a mouse in the bottom of the can.

Miss Foster, 26, bought a six-pack of the drop, which she intended to drink with her family following the funeral of her grandfather, who was a life-long drinker of the product in question.

"I hardly ever drink," Miss Foster said.

"Straight away I vomited – it was disgusting, absolutely revolting."

Miss Foster said she tried repeatedly to contact the company that produced the beverage on its consumer feedback phone number, which is printed on the can, but despite leaving messages received no response.

A spokesperson for the company which produced the drink said it was "committed to the highest standards of product quality and all our products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing at every stage of the production process."

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