Petting zoos shuttered in Sweden, UK, over disease fears

Sorenne’s day care had its own petting zoo on Thursday with sheep, ducks, and others. I’d been in Brisbane less than 24 hours and had to finish marking papers so didn’t stick around to observe the interactions, but I attempted to ensure the kids were going to be washing with soap and water, not just sanitizer, and that staff would be watching to minimize the hand-on-ruminant-and-into-mouth move favored by 2-year-olds.

A petting zoo in southern Sweden closed its doors after it was confirmed that at least one foal was infected with salmonella.

Although one park visitor was first suspected of contracting salmonella after petting the zoo’s salmonella-infected pony, authorities are now saying there is no information about humans having been infected.

In the U.K., a popular visitor attraction Cruckley Animal Farm has been permanently closed after an outbreak of E. coli.

The family-run farm, at Foston-on-the-Wolds, had been a firm favorite with school children and families for almost quarter of a century.

But now owners John and Sue Johnston have taken the decision to close the 60-acre site permanently after several visitors to the farm fell ill and a Health Protection Agency investigation launched.

It is believed that six cases of E. coli O157 have been linked to the farm and Mr Johnston said they are working closely with the HPA to help them with their enquiries.

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