Cross-contamination alert; how not to season a turkey

From some dude’s blog, self-described as a reminder of “how little I do and how pointless my life is, ” comes this picture of how not to season a turkey.

The author writes, “The meals began on Thanksgiving Day Eve, also known as Wednesday. M invited a variety of foodies, J and I over to her flat for an early dinner. The meal consisted of the staples, though prepared in fresh and healthy ways. …

“Conversation topics: food, more food, France, the world, startups, renting in SF, ghosts.

“A French couple was there, and it was their first Thanksgiving. Hopefully the impression was positive.”

Hopefully they didn’t suffer bouts of barfing from salmonella or campylobacter that could easily have been part of the health ways preparation. These foodies need Ted Allen’s book.