Coil in chicken sends man to hospital; restaurant responds it’s BS

A bus driver is blaming a Brooklyn chicken joint for sending him to the hospital with piece of wire lodged in his larynx.

Lajzer Grynsztajn, 50, said he nearly choked to death on a 2-inch coil he claims was cooked in a two-piece order he bought at JFK Fried Chicken near his Sunset Park bus depot.

“The more I think about it, I get angry. I almost died for something stupid like that?” said Grynsztajn, of Bensonhurst.

In a Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit, the 11-year Metropolitan Transportation Authority veteran is seeking unspecified damages for the near-fatal food fiasco.

Grynsztajn charges that the clerk who took his order seemed more concerned about him paying for the meal than why he was choking at the counter.

“He asked for $5 before I passed out or something,” said Grynsztajn.

The father of three said the scare happened Jan. 9 when he stopped at the Fifth Ave. eatery on his way to work and ordered two chicken breasts and fries.

“I felt a sharp pain, like I was choking,” he recalled. “I thought I was choking on a bone.”

After leaving the restaurant, he started coughing blood and was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where a doctor discovered the real culprit, he said.

The wire was stuck so deep in his throat, he had to be put under anesthesia before it could to be dislodged, according to court papers.

A man who answered the phone at JFK Fried Chicken denied the bus driver’s charges.

“I think this guy is bull——-g us,” he said and hung up.

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