Would you like a lighter touch on that restaurant inspection?

Never underestimate the Brits’ ways with words. In a discussion document ostensibly asking consumers what they think, the Food Standards Agency has pronounced that under its poorly named Earned Recognition scheme (bring back Scores on Doors), “food businesses that are able to demonstrate a history of good compliance with the legislation, or that are members of a private assurance scheme, would receive a lighter touch in terms of the number and type of official inspections.”

Has FSA heard about foodborne illness outbreaks associated with third-party audits or other such schemes?

The proposed changes will help to ensure consumer safety by concentrating resources where improvement is most needed, for example on businesses that are less compliant or higher risk.

Is that what lighter touch means? Sounds more like a fluffer.

The full report can be found at http://www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/pdfs/earnedrecog.pdf.