Safest food in world; US seed type testifies

“We have the safest food supply in the world. Despite the listeria outbreak, the sheer volume of produce, fresh or processed, that is consumed by the American public with little or no incidence is testimony to that fact.”

That according to Pete Suddarth, product development and field director of customer relations for Abbott & Cobb Inc., Feasterville, Pa.

Testify. Fact. Sounds a little spiritual (appropriate since so much of food safety is faith-based).

The Packer reports that food safety has become a major focus of seed companies and they work to adapt their products to a changing environment and increased market demands.

The rest of the story was about disease resistance, quality and yield, although Art Abbott, president of Abbott & Cobb, said the firm is working on reducing the heavy netting on cantaloupes to make them less susceptible to moisture absorption. This trait would help to reduce possible pathogen infections.

May reduce. May.

Can you seed types do anything about sprout seeds?