30 sick after Sussex cricket hospitality

People go to a cricket match to sleep, not barf.

An investigation has been launched after 30 people contracted food poisoning following eating food at a Sussex county cricket match.

Environmental health officers are investigating how recipients of hospitality at the Boundary Rooms suite at the PROBIZ County Ground in Hove became ill after eating at the match against Middlesex on June 22nd.

Tickets for hospitality at this part of the ground cost £120 and included a four-course meal, wine, beer and soft drinks as well as entry to the match.

Sussex County Cricket Club has confirmed that around 30 people out of 240 that were in that area of the ground have become ill. The club believes that people became ill from contaminated chicken parfait, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Kevin Berry, catering and hospitality manager for the club said that Sussex Cricket Club has a great relationship with its corporate clients and that he was sure this is an isolated incident, adding, "We have been serving this dish for four years and not had any problems."


This is what Homer thinks of baseball, which is as exciting as cricket, when he is sober for a couple of weeks.