Is that a sausage in your hand or are you just happy to see me? Man robs man using stolen sausage

A Massachusetts man allegedly attacked and robbed a man using sausage links as a weapon.

Michael A Baker, 22, not only stole jewellery and a bicycle from the victim, police said, but the sausage was stolen from a stand in Brockton, south of Boston.

A man told police he was riding his bicycle in Brockton at around 8am local time on Sunday when Baker approached him and "started swinging sausage links at him," Brockton Police Lt David Dickinson said.

The victim, understandably, "had no idea why," according to Dickinson.
Baker then allegedly tossed the sausage, along with bread and cheese, and switched to a more formidable weapon: a wrench.

The victim said Baker took a silver chain, a ring and his bicycle, according to The Enterprise News.

Officers later apprehended Baker on the bicycle with the wrench in his pocket and bloodstains on his clothes.