Health inspectors get own Food Network series; when will they have Rob Mancini on?

The Braiser is reporting that the Food Network’s newest series, Health Inspectors,  got enough pilot ratings to be an actual television series, especially given how this is probably the restaurant industry’s version of Hoarders or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

In each episode, all titled unpleasant names (for example, “Rats in the Cellar” or “Slugs in the Walk-In”), former chef Ben Vaughan will attempt to save each restaurant from being shut down by health inspectors. If there’s one thing that probable inspiration Gordon Ramsay can tell you, it’s pretty hard: for example, there are rats in the cellar and slugs in the walk-in. (Thank you for being so blatant, episode titles. At the same time, we really don’t want to know what “A Game Of Chicken” entails.)

Health Inspectors premieres at Friday, October 26that 10:30pm ET/PT, which will give you plenty of time to either get your vomit bags prepared, sue the Food Network for putting graphic images on the television, or complain to Michael Bloomberg about the health grading system.