Canadian football is apparently about poop

North Dallas 40 is probably the best football (gridiron) movie ever made, along  with Semi-Tough.

The 1979 flick also has one of my favorite quotes, when hell-I-love-needles wide received Phil Elliot, played by a grizzled Nick Nolte, is found to be having relations with the owner’s daughter, and is asked by general manager Dabney Coleman, “Can you speak Canadian?”

That meant, you can leave the U.S. pros and ply your trade in the Canadian Football League, which celebrates the 100th Grey Cup championship this weekend.

Check out the 70s-porn music in the original North Dallas 40 trailer, below.

John Tracogna, the CEO of the Toronto Zoo, has publically challenged Calgary Zoo CEO Dr. Clément Lanthier.

Whoever’s team loses on Sunday will have to wear the competition’s jersey and thoroughly clean out an animal enclosure: the penguin enclosure in Calgary, and the giraffe house in Toronto.

Canadian football is poop.