Failure to communicate: 20-year-old Tunisian dies after eating 28 raw eggs as a dare

Paul Newman was so cool, that stuff he did in a movie 50 years is being reenacted long after his death, and killing people.

According to Huffington Post, a  20-year-old Tunisian man Dhaou Fatnassi died after completing a dare to eat 28 raw eggs, French-language radio station Shems FM reported. According to, Fatnassi’s friends had promised to give him “an undisclosed sum of money” if he swallowed all 28 of the raw eggs whole. (One assumes that did not include the shells, but you can never be sure.)

After doing so, Fatnassi reportedly started to feel pains in his stomach. He headed toward the Hopital les Aghlabides in Kairouan, Tunisia, to receive medical attention, but died in transit.

Over the years, many have surely wondered whether the famous egg-eating scene in “Cool Hand Luke” was replicable in real life, and whether it was really possible to eat 50 eggs and live to tell the tale, as Paul Newman’s character did (his were hard-boiled eggs, not raw).