Saskatchewan restaurant inspection report views falling

If you want to attract attention, tell people there’s a secret meeting in the community about, whatever.

If you don’t want attention, make the meeting public.

We figured this out in 1999 trialing sales of genetically engineered sweet corn.

The Star Phoenix in Saskatoon reports  the number of restaurant inspection reports viewed on the provincial government’s website has been dropping each year since the system was introduced in 2009.

Online access to restaurant inspection summary information was made available in May 2009 and 636,451 reports were viewed that year – the vast majority in May itself after the site’s introduction. The figure fell to 217,124 in 2010, 124,229 in 2011 and 97,301 in 2012, according to Health Ministry statistics.

“When the site was first introduced, there was a lot of interest in seeing what the site had to offer,” Tim Macaulay, the ministry’s director of environmental health, said recently. “We fully anticipated that after that time, the numbers would drop. But we still continue to see approximately 8,000 inspection reports viewed per month and so we feel that the public is still making use of this site.”