Teens drug parents to use Internet

Unlimited Internet. It’s what I miss most about the U.S.

But we’re good in Anna Maria Island as everyone is running their computers, iPads and cell phones while preparing for Kansas State’s powell.girls.jan.13appearance in the chip bowl.

I also know better than to try and limit access. Boundaries, yes. Curfews? Not so much.

USA Today reports police say two California teenagers used prescription sleeping medication to drug the milkshakes of their parents so they could use the Internet.

The Sacramento Bee reports the girls offered to pick up milkshakes at a fast-food restaurant for the parents of one of the girls Friday.

The drug was mixed into the shakes, and the couple fell asleep. The suspicious parents picked up a drug test kit the following day.

The girls told investigators they wanted to use the Internet, which the parents shut down daily at 10 p.m.

It’s unclear what the girls did online.