‘Fast food should be made of fast animals’ Stephen Colbert on horse meat

Eater summarizes the latest, best take on the on-going horse meat scandal (U.S. fish are next, and, as I told Huffington Post today, if all these big chains with their food-safety-is-first traceability schemes don’t horse-hamburgerknow what’s in the products they’re hawking, how are mere mortals and consumers to know?).

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took on “a story that is rocking the world of meat,” the European horse meat scandal. He goes through the back story of how the scandal spread through Europe with blame landing on Romania and perhaps organized crime. And he is not at all surprised the mob might be involved because, after all, “if you’re going to leave a horse head in a bed, why waste all that good body meat?”

But Colbert doesn’t really understand what everyone is so upset about. As he says, “We don’t feel guilty when we happily consume the rest of Noah’s Ark” — and he also jokes that Europeans are all worried about eating horse burgers “instead of their usual delicacy of pickled sheep brain.” In the end, he proclaims, “There’s nothing wrong with eating horse burgers. Fast food should be made of fast animals.” Scandal over?