Mad cow, mushy peas and horse; UK horrified by what it’s eating; what took them so long?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has a long history of making fun of Brits. Last night, the crew took on the horse meat scandal, which is jon-stewart-35quickly becoming global, with a new segment called, “We may be —ked but at least god isn’t hurling rocks and loose horsemeat at us.”

The clip below, which won’t play in some countries, is fairly apt.

Today, the horse meat scandal spread to Asia where an imported lasagne brand was pulled from the shelves in Hong Kong, as Czech officials ordered similar action on frozen meals mislabelled “beef.”

A host of top players have been caught up in the spiralling scandal including Nestle, the world’s biggest food company, top beef producer JBS of Brazil and British supermarket chain Tesco.

Audits and inspections are never enough.

German officials, the same ones who oversaw an outbreak of E. coli O104 in sprouts in 2011 that killed 53, vowed tighter controls on meat products and stronger penalties for companies that violate food-labeling rules as more items marketed as “all beef” were pulled from supermarket shelves after testing positive for horse meat.


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