80 now sick from Salmonella, 13 in hospital, linked to Canberra restaurant; unrelated outbreak uncovered at second rest.

The number of confirmed Salmonella cases has skyrocketed to 80, and is believed to be the largest outbreak of its kind ever seen in the Australian Capital Territory.

Thirteen people remain in hospital on Wednesday, with the number rising copa Brazilian Churrascosignificantly from three confirmed cases on Tuesday.

The official number of affected patrons continues to rise as more people arrive at hospital emergency departments with gastroenteritis symptoms after eating at The Copa Brazilian Churrasco over the weekend in Canberra.

ACT Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly told The Canberra Times health officials were working with the restaurant owners to try and pin down the source of the outbreak, but it was still not known.

Dr Kelly said hospitals were also under additional strain due to another unrelated food poisoning outbreak in the southern suburbs from the weekend.

Another outbreak of gastroenteritis was reported by several diners at a southside venue, which closed its doors after receiving complaints.

Both Canberra and Calvary hospitals have been inundated by violently ill patients, forcing ACT health to enact its emergency plan, usually in place for large-scale flu outbreaks.

”The restaurant is voluntarily closed. They’ll remain closed until we’re satisfied that it’s safe.”