Authorities, restaurant tight-lipped on Australian Salmonella probe

The restaurant at the center of Canberra’s largest salmonella outbreak and ACT Health are tight-lipped on the progress of an investigation.

With more than 60 affected diners considering joining a class action law suit, owners of The Copa restaurant at Dickson refused to speak to Fairfax Media raw.egg.mayo.may.13on Monday afternoon and said no comment would be made until the public release of the official report.

ACT Health said on Friday and again on Monday that staff were too busy to respond to questions put to them relating to the incident.

No new cases of salmonella-related illnesses presented at Canberra hospitals over the weekend; leaving the total number of people affected at 140, with 15 of those admitted for treatment.

The Canberra Times reports that dozens of people have responded to statements by The Copa on social media, criticizing the response from restaurant owners after Saturday’s reopening and demanding a public apology.

”Your continued support? In what manner? My wife was hospitalised and I was treated at the ED department … not so much [as] a phone call,” one said. ”Reopening today doesn’t show signs of empathy for the ones that spent raw.egg.mayodays at the hospital for eating something that had salmonella at your restaurant.”

Other users called for suppliers to the business to be identified, while a small number of diners promised to return to the restaurant this week.

A table of raw-egg related outbreaks in Australia is available at

‘Problem fingered’ but will anything change? Raw egg in mayonnaise source of Salmonella that sickened over 140 in Canberra

Australia still has an egg problem; and it seems no matter how many outbreaks there are, how many people get sick, and how much business is lost, the cooks I talk with are fiercely committed to continue the use of raw raw.egg.mayoeggs in mayonnaise, aioli and custards.

Expect more outbreaks.

Especially when the lede from the national Australian Broadcast Corporation is that the restaurant at the center of Canberra’s worst food poisoning outbreak is keen to reopen, not, why did such a large restaurant sicken so many people by relying on food safety fairytales?

More than 140 people became ill after eating at The Copa Brazilian Churrasco restaurant in Dickson at the weekend.

Fifteen people were admitted to hospital for treatment.

ACT Health found salmonella bacteria in mayonnaise used at the eatery.

Chief health officer Dr Paul Kelly says the restaurant could reopen within days.

“Now that we’ve really fingered the problem, we can actually work with them towards that in the coming days,” he said.

Dr Kelly says the use of raw eggs in restaurant food can be a problem.

“There are products on the market that pasteurize eggs, that may lead to a mayonnaise.raw.eggslightly less ‘foody’ answer to the problem, but it’s certainly safer,” he said.

“When you’re making mayonnaise at home then you’re taking your own risk. When you’re making six litres at a time using 30 raw eggs, then you just increase the chances I think to an unacceptable level. It’s a common practice in many restaurants across Australia.”

The case toll in that other, unrelated Canberra outbreak has now reached 90.

A table of raw-egg related outbreaks in Australia is available at


Mother’s Day from hell: 140 Salmonella cases now linked to Canberra restaurant

The Honeybees family had dinner at the The Copa Brazilian Churrasco in Canberra for Mother’s Day last week and they ended up in hospital with salmonella poisoning.

“My brother started feeling ill at 6:30am and it escalated quite quickly from there. He was screaming in agony and we all just started dropping like flies,” a vomitmember of the Honeybee family Robert told Australia’s Today/Tonight current affairs program.

Robert and his five family members went to Canberra Hospital, where due to the sheer number of people affected by the salmonella outbreak meant staff had to activate an emergency lockdown protocol.

“It was a bit like a war zone. The nurses at the hospital were in disbelief as more and more people came in,” Robert said.

“The whole family, especially those of us that don’t have sick days, took two weeks off work potentially.

“Everyone will be expecting some form of compensation, from the way everyone was feeling the severe pain and the long-term suffering.”

ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Paul Kelly said the number of suspected Salmonella cases linked Mother’s Day dinning at the restaurant now tops 140, of which 30 are confirmed cases and 15 people have been hospitalized.

80 now sick from Salmonella, 13 in hospital, linked to Canberra restaurant; unrelated outbreak uncovered at second rest.

The number of confirmed Salmonella cases has skyrocketed to 80, and is believed to be the largest outbreak of its kind ever seen in the Australian Capital Territory.

Thirteen people remain in hospital on Wednesday, with the number rising copa Brazilian Churrascosignificantly from three confirmed cases on Tuesday.

The official number of affected patrons continues to rise as more people arrive at hospital emergency departments with gastroenteritis symptoms after eating at The Copa Brazilian Churrasco over the weekend in Canberra.

ACT Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly told The Canberra Times health officials were working with the restaurant owners to try and pin down the source of the outbreak, but it was still not known.

Dr Kelly said hospitals were also under additional strain due to another unrelated food poisoning outbreak in the southern suburbs from the weekend.

Another outbreak of gastroenteritis was reported by several diners at a southside venue, which closed its doors after receiving complaints.

Both Canberra and Calvary hospitals have been inundated by violently ill patients, forcing ACT health to enact its emergency plan, usually in place for large-scale flu outbreaks.

”The restaurant is voluntarily closed. They’ll remain closed until we’re satisfied that it’s safe.”