Expired liver, pork lungs leads to closure of Goldilocks Bake Shop and restaurant in Vegas

Goldilocks Bake Shop and Restaurant on Maryland Parkway near Karen Avenue, Las Vegas, was shut down with 50 demerits.

Darcy Spears of KTNV reports Goldilocks serves traditional Filipino dishes such as cured meat, liver, and sauteed pork lungs and heart. But Goldilocksinspectors found all of those were expired and had to be thrown away.

Goldilocks’ supervisor Bebe Illustre says they were having problems with their chiller.

Darcy: But a broken chiller doesn’t explain why stuff was expired.
Bebe: Yeah, definitely, but we were really having a problem, because when it was delivered, I know it was not delivered long ago.  Maybe it was our fault that we did not check immediately the date.

Inspectors also found several containers of potentially hazardous foods weren’t date labeled, and the person in charge wasn’t knowledgeable about proper temperatures or food storage.

In fact, egg, chicken, rice, cooked eggplant, pork and cut lettuce were all at unsafe temperatures.

Darcy: That’s the kind of thing that can be dangerous for bacteria to grow.  So why would that have been allowed to happen, do you think?
Bebe: It was… as I said, we were having a problem with the freezer/chiller at that time.

But again, you can’t blame the freezer for pork being improperly thawed, or food being stored on the floor in the walk-in fridge.

Darcy: And food doesn’t belong on the floor.
Bebe: Um, you know what?  I was not really very sure about that.

She says the employees know better, and that proper food storage should be standard operating procedure.

Goldilocks was storing raw fish over cooked chicken and pork.

Employees weren’t washing their hands properly.

The can opener blade was crusty with dried food.

And then, there’s the moldy ice machine.

Goldilocks didn’t stay dirty for long.  They re-opened in less than 24 hours with a zero-demerit A grade.