Health types investigate report of illness at Vegas Strip restaurant

The Southern Nevada Health District has been called  in to investigate after local teens say they become violently ill after eating at a restaurant on The Strip on their prom night.

A number of local teenagers become sick after eating at the Bucca di Beppo restaurant inside the Excalibur.

The health district says it is still investigating and have not concluded that the holly.madison.Bucca di Bepporestaurant is the cause of the students getting sick.

News 3 has confirmed the health district received reports of illnesses from people who ate at Bucca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant inside the Excalibur.

The health department confirms the restaurant got an “A” rating for their regular inspection on Monday and it got another “A” rating on Tuesday when inspectors showed up in response to the complaints.

The restaurant remains open and the health district says there have been no further complaints.

News 3 received word from Excalibur owner MGM Resorts which says its top food and beverage executives are at the property and they’re working with health inspectors and Buca di Beppo management to look into the situation.

Buca di Beppo released the following statement regarding this investigation:

Buca di Beppo places the utmost importance on the cleanliness, quality and high standards of food preparation in our restaurants. The kitchen at Buca di Beppo Excalibur has held a consistent A-rating from the Southern Nevada Health District ever since the restaurant opened. On Saturday, May 11 a high school group had their prom dinner with us and we have been advised that several became ill.
…  Health and safety in our restaurants is of paramount importance and we stand by our record of cleanliness, high standards of food preparation and our consistent — and current — A-rating from the SNHD.