11 sick; when public health sucks; food outlet will remain anonymous in NZ Salmonella outbreak

Eleven people were sickened with Salmonella last month linked to a northern New Zealand food outlet.

And that outlet will remain a mystery.

Dr Andrew Lindsay, spokesman for the Northland District Health Board says they’ve investigated claims from nine people who say they ate at the same place in Whangarei and came away with food poisoning.

Dr Andrew Lindsay says, as there is no on-going risk, it is not in the public barf.o.meter.dec.12interest to reveal which outlet was under scrutiny.


It is most certainly in the public interest to know what caused the outbreak, where it happened and what has been done to prevent future outbreaks.

As a consumer, why would I spend money at a place that didn’t practice proper food safety? How would I know? Faith-based food safety rules.

Public health is supposed to help the public, not industry or any other group.

And for the mysterious food outlet, rather than hide behind anonymity or the magic drape of government inspection, the outlet should declare itself, or others will do it for you.

Eleven people were sickened; anyone want to step forward?