Smartest contribution to barfblog today; cooks know crap

Change is afoot.

Over the next couple of weeks, the bites-l listserv will be changed to something else. We haven’t had the resources to archive all the stories, so we hamburger.thermometerneeded to come up with something different. will continue with musings from me, Chapman, Hubbell and various food safety friends.

Probably not as often.

bites-l will be converted to a new daily listserv – the dailybarf — with new formatting.

If you want your food safety news fast and furious, subscribe to, facebook, twitter, whatever.

If you want the daily summary of all posts, plus all the food safety stories we didn’t have time to blog about but are still of interest, subscribe to dailybarf.

Some may want both.

You don’t have to do anything, this is just an advisory of things about to happen; I’m not sure when, and am interested to see the outcome.

But I am encouraged by the increased dialogue on, which will amy.thermometerbecome the hub of all our food safety and child rearing activities.

From today:

At culinary school, we were taught to gauge the doneness of beef by touching it. As a food safety consultant, I believe you are foolish if you don’t use a thermometer.”