60 sick; Salmonella outbreak on Jersey Isle; make sure meat is piping hot

Oh, the Brits.

An investigation is underway into an outbreak of Salmonella infection linked to summer barbecue events during the weekend of 6-7 July.

Dr Susan Turnbull, Medical Officer of Health, told Jersey Isle, “I am pleased to report that the likely source of infection has been identified and barfblog.Stick It Inremoved, and there is no reason to believe there is any ongoing risk of infection.”

Mere mortals were not informed of the likely source of infection that resulted in 14 laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella by midday July 15, with over 60 people reporting symptoms.

The story notes, “Don’t assume that because meat is charred on the outside it will be cooked properly on the inside,” and then states, “food made from minced meat, such as sausages and burgers, must be cooked thoroughly all the way through so should be piping hot before serving.”

It’s called a thermometer. Don’t be nervous, it’s not the kind for sticking up the arse; it’s for ensuring food is safe (and not overcooked).