Cat shuts down NY comedy club’s kitchen

After getting my first warm-blooded pets when I was 22 – cats I named Clark and Kent for reasons I can’t remember – I’ve been a long-time braunwynn.kittens.03student of cat behavior, and always preferred having at least two.

They entertain each other.

And are damn noisy at night.

Like any previous cats, Jacques and Cixous are not allowed on kitchen counters, tables and the like, but of course, they’re up there at night, as food safety video observation in Australia demonstrated about 10 years ago.

Health inspectors shut down the kitchen of the LOL New York Comedy Club last week after finding a cat roaming around inside, officials said.

The spot was given a failing grade — along with a catastrophic 75 violation points — after officials found “Live animals other than fish in tank or service animal present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas” on July 11, according to the Department of Health, which confirmed that the delinquent animal was a puss.

DNAinfo reports that along with the feline faux pas, the club’s kitchen received violations for not having a proper hand washing or dish cleaning cats.sink.jun.13facility. Inspectors also found that the location’s supervisor of food operations did not have a city-issued Food Protection Certificate.

The club reopened the kitchen the day after inspectors found the kitty, said Natasha Michael, a marketing assistant for the club. But she could not say who the cat belonged to.