Food safety: some talk, some do, you’ve got to live and breathe this stuff, day in and day out

“Food safety is only as safe as the weakest link.”

Maybe I said that, but Fresh Plaza says I did to the Produce Marketing Association in Sydney last month. Here’s some other random soundbites:

“Embracing the science behind microbiologically safe food is the first john.o.brotherjpegstep to creating a safer food environment in all businesses.”

 “Food safety is the responsibility of whoever produces the food.”

“You can’t eliminate foodborne illnesses but you can limit it.”

“Have someone in your company who knows about food safety so they can ask the right questions and make sure you use different forms of media to communicate your message to employees.”

“Be the bug” so they can completely understand the microbiological science behind food safety, once this is done business owners must “compel, rather than educate” their employees to introduce a no-nonsense policy towards food safety within their working environment.

“Make food safety a part of your branding… and make your inspections public. Government safety standards are the minimum requirements so
tumblr_mmrgiiULwm1qaxm50o1_250if you can exceed these priorities its win/win for you and your consumer.”

“You’ve got to live and breathe this stuff, day in and day out.”