Failing to name takeaway protects industry not consumers; 11 sick; Salmonella linked to pork rolls in Sydney

NSW Health has confirmed an outbreak of salmonella in Sydney’s north after 11 patients were admitted to two hospitals since Wednesday.

The suspected cause is pork rolls from a northern suburbs bakery. NSW Food Authority today confirmed it had launched an investigation pork.roll.sydneyfollowing a request from NSW Health.

Northern Sydney Local Health District said eight patients had been admitted to Hornsby Hospital this week after contracting salmonella. A further three patients were admitted to the Sydney Adventist Hospital nearby.

A 46-year-old woman and her mother both experienced symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, headaches and fever.

The woman, who wished to remain unnamed, sought medical attention from her doctor and was not part of the 11 people admitted at the two hospitals.

“My mother and I were so sick on Tuesday night after eating from (the food outlet),” she said.

“I’m still having headaches and (my mother) is so sick she hasn’t been able to get to the hospital for treatment.”

“(NSW Food Authority) has prevented any further sale of the suspected food items from the outlet.”

He said there was no ongoing risk because the product is no longer for sale.