3-year-old blinded in Scotland after E. coli outbreak at nursery; mother calls for more awareness

The mother of a three-year-old boy who was left severely disabled after contracting E. coli bacteria has called for nurseries to be made more aware of the dangers.

Bo Cox was infected by the bug at Rose Lodge Nursery in Aboyne during an outbreak in May last year.

An investigation found that it had probably been brought in by a youngster who came into bo.cox.e.colicontact with animal waste and contaminated water at home.

But the infection spread among the children because of poor hand hygiene in the nursery. Three other infants, including Bo, and two staff fell ill as a result.

Bo, who was a healthy and happy baby before the infection, now spends most of his time in hospital in Glasgow. He has to be fed through a tube and his diet is restricted because he cannot get rid of many fluids.

His mother Lucy told STV News: “He has only a quarter of his bowel remaining, he has permanent kidney failure, he is totally blind, he has no vision at all. He has detached retinas in both eyes – cortical blindness.”

“The future is really uncertain for Bo,” she said. “Giving Bo a happy life while I can, that’s the main aim.”