Everyone can go back to sleep; Foster Farms to reopen

Despite sickening 416 people with Salmonella over several months, Foster Farms reopened Saturday morning after a two-day closure because of roach infestation.

“Cockroaches are never good; but neither are 416 sick people.”

If only consumers had some way of choosing at retail, based on solid microbial sampling Foster-Farms-Chicken-Breastand food safety records, which chicken they would want to buy.

Sorry, no one will market food safety at retail; so no choice.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service cleared the way for the plant in Livingston to reopen after the poultry producer submitted a mitigation plan.

According to Lynne Terry of The Oregonian, neither USDA nor Foster Farms offered any details about what the company had done to fix the cockroach infestation.