Nautical Norovirus disaster

I had a dream about Norovirus last night.

Me and Chapman were driving to a wedding with 4 students in my old Nissan van.

Once at the wedding, I was the first to projectile vomit. People thought I wedding.crasherswas car sick.

Then Chapman barfed.

Then a couple of guests.

Soon there were 15 sick people, but the couple-to-be wanted to go ahead with the wedding.

They asked if they could put all the sick people in one of the hotel rooms and the other 185 could go to the wedding.

Next, me, Chapman, Pete Snyder and Don Schaffner were sitting at a table, discussing options.

We concluded all the food had to go, people who were well enough should go home, and the entire place cleaned. The wedding was off.

The bride went nuts, especially when I tossed the wedding cake.

By this time there were 40 people sick.

Then the dream ends, and I went to the bathroom.

What would you recommend if such a situation were real?