Harry Styles is reportedly using bird poop to treat his acne

Anyone who takes nutrition, vaccination, and acne advice from a celebrity is as idiotic as those giving the advice.

Harry Styles, the 20-year-old One Direction front man is prone to pimples.

bird.poop.acneAccording to the MailOnline, Harry has turned to bird excrement in a desperate attempt to clear up his acne before the band’s world tour.

So far so good. Hank has apparently been break- out free since he started the feces facials.

It’s called the “Geisha facial,” because back in the day, Japanese Geishas used the waste to remove the thick white make-up they were expected to wear.

And now A-listers like Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham are reportedly dropping over $200 a pop to have bird droppings smeared on to their faces.

Harry fears his acne prone skin will not be able to brave the heavy make-up and hot lights used on tour.

Tom Cruise, 51, has been a devotee for two years and 40 year-old Victoria Beckham began having the facials after a visit to Japan.

You may see an acne cure or a cute bird, I see a Salmonella factory.