19 sick; Salmonella outbreak in Sydney linked to bandicoot droppings

Bandicoots have a bifurcated penis.

And are apparently Salmonella factories.

bandicoot.sydneyAn outbreak of Salmonella cases in children on the northern beaches in Sydney is being blamed on bandicoot droppings.

Northern Sydney Local Health District director of public health Dr Michael Staff said cases of the potentially deadly bacterial infection were rare, but there had been an unexplained spike that began in February.

“So far this year we’ve had 19 cases confirmed and while some have been traced to play area sand, it appears that many children may have been infected by contact with bandicoot droppings,” Dr Staff said.

The Northern Sydney Public Health Unit inspected the backyards of several patients and found bandicoot droppings collected at one property tested positive for the Salmonella Java.

Chicken wire mesh at least 50cm high and 15cm would stop bandicoots entering backyards.