5 Vegas Chinatown restaurants shut

There’s an old saying that originated with the Los Angeles restaurant inspection disclosure system: C is for Chinese.

In Las Vegas, health inspectors have shut down Chinatown restaurants, most with more than 50 demerits, in five of the last six weeks.

ChinaGittesCloseUpDarcy Spears of KTNV ABC 13 reports that one, Sam Woo BBQ kicked the reporters out as soon as they walked in. But they couldn’t keep inspectors or their cameras out.

The health district’s pictures show heavy grease build-up at the wok station. Dirty appliances, shelving, racks, bulk bins and kitchen floor.

A hand sink was a murky mess. Inspectors found handwashing wasn’t happening as it should.

As for the food, the list of things at unsafe temperatures is long, starting with par-cooked pigs. Chicken, egg noodles, cooked rice, cooked Chinese broccoli and cut lettuce all had to be thrown away because they were in the temperature danger zone. Same for cooked ducks, some from the day before.

Preserved duck eggs that were supposed to be refrigerated, were not. Plastic bags from a clothing store were being re-used to store spices.

The person in charge couldn’t list any symptoms of foodborne illness.