TV kitchen crimes more about ratings than risk

Rob Mancini, the best–looking food inspector in Canada, writes:

The use of media in relaying food safety information can be a powerful tool. Food safety reality shows seem to be the fad these days as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of what actually occurs behind the scenes in restaurants. Truthfully, the more disgusting a restaurant is the better the ratings.

Rob_Mancini_001That’s reality I discovered when we shot Kitchen Crimes in Canada.

A well run, clean and sanitary restaurant will not draw in the ratings, but cockroaches and over-the-top chefs (Gordon Ramseys) will, so take what you see with a grain of salt. Either way, it gets people talking about food safety, which is a good thing. The BBC will be airing a new series of Food Inspectors that will focus on restaurant inspections, complaints, foodborne outbreaks, and providing food safety information to the public.