Fined Sydney kitchen cleans up act while many others continue to break hygiene rules

Bankstown, Holroyd and Parramatta have dished out the highest number of food fines per resident, according to an analysis of government data.

Meatball or Kofta CurryNot handling food safely, unclean premises, failing to have handwashing facilities and in some cases, having rats and cockroaches in food preparation areas, were among the breaches.

Figures from the Office of State Revenue show food ­retailers in these locations have copped 266 fines totalling $154,220 since July last year.

Bankstown was also targeted by the NSW Food Authority recently over ­potential outbreaks of salmonella poisoning in Vietnamese pork rolls.

Khal Asfour, the mayor of Bankstown, said more money was needed for education programs for about 900 food retailers in his area.

“We make no apology for placing the health of our residents first and cracking down on food handling businesses which don’t do the right thing,” he said.

“Our food safety officers work hard to make sure that happens without funding ­assistance from the NSW Government.”