Doing the conga doesn’t make a clean restaurant: Emilio, Gloria Estefan concerned after South Fla. restaurant ordered shut

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A restaurant in an ocean drive hotel opened by Gloria Es Steffan was ordered shut by the state because of violations. While they lease out the space and don’t operate it, we are told they’re very concerned.

After the state found live roaches in this oven on the cook line in the kitchen. I’m extremely disappointed for what’s happened, and it happened. The inspector found some insect in the oven, new oven that we don’t use it. The state recently found 11 violations here. Roaches in the oven, and accumulation of a mold-like substance on the soda dispensing nozzles. I’m not responsible for everything that happens inside the restaurant. Back in October 2013, 41 violations were found here, including roach and rodent issues.

What do you do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Because the next time would be number three. Hey, i know, pu definitely it’s not going to be number three. I’m going to check every morning by myself. We’ve learned after the 2013 problems, the estefans ordered him to hire an outside firm to consult and help out, which he did. You’re a third party inspector. Yes. You inspect the kitchen here? I have been doing it twice a month. Does this indicate that you’re not doing a good job? No, this happens in any restaurant. They found sometimes one roach, two roaches, whoever — 24 in an oven. He can shrug it off but i can guarantee you, the estefans are not. The grill was allowed to re-open following an ordered clean-up and a re-inspection.