60 sick from Salmonella linked to Wisconsin grocery store

More than 60 people have been identified with gastrointestinal illness in connection with Supermercado Los Corrales grocery store, 3933 52nd St., according to the Kenosha County Division of Health.

Supermercado Los CorralesSalmonella, with a matching DNA fingerprint, has been found in two cases, with testing ongoing.

While the source of the outbreak is still under investigation, the grocery store is the focus of the probe.

“We’re investigating, so we are really trying to give the state the most accurate numbers, but it is still so fluid at this point,” said Gwynn Perry-Brye, clinical services director for the Kenosha County Division of Health.

Kenosha resident Diana Koeppel said her son-in-law and 3-year-old grandson started getting stomach problems May 11 after a buying pre-cooked carnitas and rice at the store on Mother’s Day. The rest of the family didn’t have any of the suspected pork.

“They eventually went to the emergency room,” Koeppel said. “My daughter was taking care of both of them and kept her two older girls away.”

The family’s leftover food and stool samples were taken for testing.