Jamie Oliver the food safety gift that keeps on giving

Jamie Oliver is facing the worst Kitchen Nightmare in his life.

PAY-jamie-oliver-maggots-mainA 48-year-old man, who refused to be named was eating with a friend at Jamie’s Italian branch in Norwich on Wednesday. But when they were halfway through finishing their sumptuous meal, the gross thing started to happen, insects were starting to fall out from the ceiling.

The diner explains, at 3 AM “We got a table by the window and the food was nice but when we were halfway through the meal, maggots started falling on my head.”

While he presume that it’s just insects falling from the roof, he just brushed it off from his head. 

But as the so called insects starting to fall on the table, he realized the shocking truth.

“But then others fell onto the table. It was gross and we were shocked.”

In a statement released by the spokesperson for the restaurant.

“Earlier this week a single, isolated pest control incident occurred at our Norwich restaurant.

“The incident in question was dealt with immediately and is being fully investigated. At no point was the customer’s food affected and there appears to be no evidence of a wider problem.”

“All of our restaurants operate to a very high level of food safety and Jamie’s Italian Norwich retains a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating (the highest) from the local Environmental Health Office.”