700 trainees at Indian defense academy hospitalized food poisoning suspected

More than 500 trainees of National Defence Academy in Khadakwasla were admitted to hospital yesterday for food poisoning.

DCI_NDADue to lack of ambulance service, the trainees were taken to hospital by officers’ personal vehicles, and trucks. A local media house reported, since the hospital was not spacious enough to accommodate 700 people, some trainees were made to sleep on hospital floors also.

Doctors suspect it was egg curry that poisoned the trainees since those who did not consume egg curry reported to be fine.

“One by one, they started vomiting. The numbers increased with each passing minute and till about 5 pm, about 700 cadets had been rushed to military hospital in Khadakwasla in all available vehicles, ambulances, cars of divisional officers”  source said to The Indian Express.

When the media house contacted officials at NDA, their spokesperson reverted back, saying that he would get back to them on the issue and the response is still awaited.