Rodents run riot in Brisbane CBD

Early spring conditions have led to a randy rodent breeding frenzy which means restaurants are having to take extra precautions.

sq-willard-crispin-glover-rat-nlPest controllers said the rat population in the city was “alarming” and poised to get worse with warm weather on the way.

Brisbane City Council is working with the Myer Centre and food businesses to manage any food safety issues. Three inner city restaurants have already been prosecuted this year for rat problems, and fined a combined $74,500 for health violations after inspections.

Four other restaurants in the Myer Centre have been prosecuted for rat-related violations in the past three years.

The most recent CBD violations involved Empire Kebabs, fined $17,500 in January for cleanliness and pest problems, including rodents, following an inspection in December 2013.

Beijing House in the CBD was also fined $42,000 in June for a range of breaches including selling unsuitable food, hygiene of handlers and the presence of rats. At New Farm, Little Larder was fined $15,000 last week after a council inspection found cockroaches and rodents in August 2014.

A rat found in an oven at Indian Odyssey in the city led to a $30,000 fine in August last year.