99p stores to face court over ‘mouse infestation and food unfit for human consumption’

Back in the day, we started a university newspaper called The Peak, and ran an advertising campaign called Pennies for the Peak, with number 99 Wayne Gretzky unofficially endorsing.

99pstoresNow I find out there’s a chain of stores in the UK called 99p and they apparently suck at food safety.

The discount retailer will appear in court accused of failing to prevent mouse infestations and selling food “unfit for human consumption” in two of its Croydon shops.

Mouse droppings, dirt and rubbish were allegedly discovered by hygiene inspectors at town-centre branches of 99p Stores in North End and Church Street.

Their owner, 99p Stores Limited, based in Northampton, has been charged with ten counts of failure to comply with food safety regulation.