Food 8 years out of date at UK Chinese restaurant

A Chinese restaurant had food contaminated with insects and rat droppings and produce eight years out of date, a court heard .

PAY-The-Hoikee-Chinese-RestaurantThe Hoi Kee in Pinner, Middlesex, was temporarily shut and owner Shuai Zhang told to pay £800 costs.

It was closed along with the TSK Cash and Carry in nearby Rayners Lane after Harrow’s environmental health officers discovered rat infestations.

The restaurant in Pinner had packets that went out of date in 2007 and food contaminated by insects and rat droppings.

At the cash and carry, food had been shredded by rats and mice on the shop floor while a heavy infestation was found in the back stockroom.

The food safety lapses were discovered during routine inspections.

Despite the two premises being immediately shut down and the owners fined, both establishments have now reopened.