Going public: Chipotle involved in 4th outbreak this year that was kept secret

Lynne Terry of The Oregonian writes, Chipotle has had three known outbreaks this year, including the most recent one in Oregon and Washington. But there was also a fourth in Seattle that put two people in the hospital.

chipotle.BSIt was essentially kept secret. Health officials, who investigated the outbreak, did not inform the public.

“It took us a while to make the connection between the sick people and Chipotle,” James Apa, spokesman for King County Public Health, said in an email. “By the time we were able to make an association with Chipotle, the outbreak was over.”

A total of five were sickened after eating at a Chipotle restaurant at 1415 Broadway, according to Bill Marler, a Seattle food safety litigator representing one of those who got sick. He said his client only contacted him recently in wake of the latest outbreak.

Like the latest outbreak, it involved E. coli.

The five people dined at Chipotle in late July, Apa said. Health officials were never able to determine the culprit.

Restaurant inspectors found no problems at the restaurant.

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