Florida Costco failed inspection for live roaches near food and temperature violations

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Food safety just failed the Costco Warehouse at 10921 Causeway Blvd in Brandon this week.

costco.beach.towelOn Monday, December 14, food safety inspectors observed live roaches in the ‘Club Demonstration Services’ area, food storage, and ware-washing room. That demo room was given a ‘Stop Use Order’ and not allowed to reopen until inspectors return for a follow-up inspection and approve its been adequately cleaned and sanitized.

Also during their visit, food safety inspectors issued a temporary stop sale on various food items due to dangerous temperature issues with five pounds of crab legs at 55-degrees and one pound of sausage at 46-degrees. Cold food should be maintained at 41 degrees or below. 

Both had to be placed on ice to bring down the temperature before they could be released to be sold.

ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan spoke to Craig Wilson, the vice president of food safety for Costco. He told her over the phone that the ‘Demo Room’ was shut down due to the pest issue, so they immediately called EcoLab for treatment to get rid of the roaches and make sure they did not come back.

Wilson also explained that they sanitized and cleaned the area completely, and they’re now waiting on food safety inspectors to return so the room can be used again.s

Wilson said that Costco works 100 percent with the health department and looks forward to things getting back to the way they should be.